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Our story, how it all started.

Are you struggling to achieve long-lasting health?

Shamus was in his final year of university, studying a Masters in Chiropractic, when he was struck by a stark realisation. He had studied the human body and chiropractic techniques for years within his degree. But he felt there was a slight deficiency in his chiropractic toolkit.

A dedicated learner, Shamus, with a few fellow students, formed a group and started looking for further education, specifically on Chiropractic technique. The group attended multiple events and seminars over that year to perfect their craft and refine their techniques.

In one of the seminars, the group learned a new cutting edge adjustment (the method Chiropractors use to treat patients) technique by a well established Chiropractic mentor from America.

During the seminar, the student chiropractors would pose as patients for the lecturer to perform on while teaching new adjustment techniques to the class.

Shamus's turn to pose as a patient arrived, so he lay on the table and told the teacher his current aches and pains from that week. Shamus had received hundreds of adjustments throughout his degree, so he knew what to expect and lay relaxed on the table, ready for the adjustment.

But nothing could prepare him for what was about to happen...

The teacher performed the new adjustment technique. Within a split second, Shamus felt that this was different. His body filled with energy, excitement and joy, as if someone had turned a light on in a dark room. He experienced a monumental emotional and physical release that would change his chiropractic world and his methods to treat patients.

Shamus went home that night and reflected on his experience. He didn't want to become an everyday chiropractor. He aspired to recreate this same experience for every one of his clients through his adjustments.

Fast forward one year, Shamus graduated with a Master's degree in Chiropractic and had perfected an extremely refined technique to serve his home community.

He shadowed several chiropractors and received offers to work as an associate at various clinics around the UK. But none aligned with his newfound beliefs nor harmonised with the refined technique he had learned.

Shamus found himself at a crossroads. Should he try to find a job, working with someone else's technique? Or should he start out alone and build a practice from the foundation of his new craft?

The choice was obvious. Shamus decided to tread his own path and create a new business, working from a small room inside a local dental practice. The room was big enough to fit just one chair and his new chiropractic bench.

Shamus started taking on patients in that small room and performing his finessed technique. He saw transformations daily. People were experiencing the same shift that he had during that seminar. Clients arrived struggling to walk and using walking aids, in pain with symptoms deemed 'untreatable'. But within just a few sessions with Shamus's technique, patients were walking out of his room symptom-free.

The technique was working, and the room was starting to get busy.

In 2022, Shamus expanded from that small room and established his new brand. Providing transformational healthcare within the Tamworth, Bedworth and Whitestone communities.

Finesse Chiropractic was born.

"Your body has the power to heal naturally. We allow the body to function as it was designed to by utilizing and mastering the chiropractic adjustment.

We work to finesse the art of Chiropractic and create transformational healthcare for our community."

- Shamus Hussain,

Chiropractor & Director
Finesse Chiropractic

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We are based in three locations and share buildings with Prestige Dental Care.