• £50 New Patient Special
Consultation & Examination (usually £80)

Please give us at least 48 hours of notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

This applies to both treatments and consultations.

After payment has been made, initial consultation bookings and special offers are non-refundable.

In very rare cases, some patients can not receive Chiropractic treatment or have an X-ray for their condition and need to be referred to another specialist.

If a referral is required, the referral is free of charge. The patient will receive their consultation, health report and referral but won’t receive their first treatment or X-ray (if included in the offer).

We run an extremely efficient, smooth and timely practice.

This allows us to ensure that all patients receive equal time for each treatment. So:

Please make sure you arrive 5 mins before the scheduled appointment.

If you do end up running a bit late, please ensure you don’t arrive any later than 5 minutes after your scheduled appointment.

If you are over five minutes late, your appointment will run over and affect other patients appointments. If this happens, your session will be lost, and you may be charged for the appointment.

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We are based in three locations and share buildings with Prestige Dental Care.